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The Cape Agulhas Lighthouse has stood for over 150 years as a maritime chaperone over the notorious ‘Cape of Storms’, at the most southern tip of Africa. This official meeting point of the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean is also the point of convergence of the Mozambique and Benguela currents.

The Agulhas bank is a unique geographical formation which bears the title ‘Graveyard of Ships’ due to this challenging crossing resulting in numerous shipwrecks. The ocean depth in this area is only 60 fathoms deep for 250 kilometres out to sea and then drops sharply to 180 000 fathoms reaching as far as Antarctica. When seafaring Portuguese vessels rounded this Cape tip in the 15th century their compass needles would swing unable to determine True North from Magnetic North. As a result, in 1488 the Portuguese navigator, Bartholomew Dias, named this ocean site ‘Capo das Agulhas’ translating to ‘Cape of Needles’.


Struisbaai beach is truly remarkable with its white sands and seemingly endless coastline. This is a fantastic spot for both shore anglers and fishing boats. There are often large black rays in the harbour which is a remarkable sight. Swimming is safe at the beach and walking alongside the water here is so relaxing.

Diving is a very popular sport due to the rich waters with lots to see, as is horse riding, kite sailing, body boarding, surfing and kayaking. Built in 1848 this is the second oldest working lighthouse in South Africa. The design is modelled on one of the oldest seven wonders of the world, the original Egyptian Faros lighthouse. Its inspired historic architecture stands tall in red and white stripes just one kilometre away from the most southern tip of the rocky coastline. The adjacent limestone quarry was mined for stone as the raw building material. In 1962, this sandstone started crumbling due to its sea weathering and a new aluminum lighthouse was built nearby preserving the original lighthouse as a national monument and the only lighthouse museum in Africa.


Stand at the Southernmost Tip of Africa

A stone cairn marks the southernmost tip of Africa where the Indian and the Atlantic oceans meet. 

The lighthouse that keeps a watchful eye on this treacherous piece of coastline was the third lighthouse built in South Africa and is the second-oldest in operation. Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is located on the southern edge of the village of L’Agulhas, in the Agulhas National Park. The popular tourist destination is a landmark for those migrating to the southernmost tip of Africa and there is a museum and coffee shop on site. The park has an opening and closing time so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. Learn more about the southern tip of Africa.

Cradled in the area known as the Agulhas Plain, and nurtured by the coming together of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, the Agulhas National Park is home to a unique combination of biodiversity and natural beauty. The park showcases a wide variety of endemic plant and animal species and is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Spot the African black oystercatcher and the dainty Damara tern while enjoying one of the walking or hiking trails in the reserve. From July and December, you can cast your eyes to the horizon and watch southern right whales breach, lobtail and even spy-hop during what is known around the world as “whale season”. For more information about activities and accommodation at the southernmost tip of Africa contact Agulhas National Park.

Visit the Agulhas National Park

Spend a Day at the Longest Natural Beach in the Southern Hemisphere

Struisbaai is known for its pretty fishing harbour, historical thatched fishing cottages and its long uninterrupted stretch of pristine beach that hugs the coastline. Pack a picnic basket and take a stroll along the soft white sand. Take a look at these beautiful Agulhas & Struisbaai Beach Images.



The Tolbossie Padstal (“farm stall”) is situated on the picturesque West Coast of South Africa. It has gained acclaim amongst locals and regular visitors for its array of homemade goodies that are so characteristic of this part of the country. All of the suppliers are from the West Coast, making the flavours and treats all very authentic.

Some of the tasty features of the Tolbossie offering include wild watermelon, ginger jam, beetroot chutney, and curried pineapple atchar. Because the West Coast is known for its fresh seafood, the snoek pies, curried fish, roll mops and mussel pies are an absolute must.

Gifts, trinkets and goods for the home are also available here, making it a one-stop-shop for tourists looking for keepsakes to take home to friends and family. The witblits produced here is a potent alcoholic brandy that takes your breath away but leaves you wanting more of this South African favourite. Tolbossie is famous for their unique witblits, which should only be sampled by those not driving.



The Berg River Canooze, one of five trails that take place within the Cape West Coast Biosphere, is a relatively easy downstream kayak from Hopefield to Velddrif, with farm stays en route.

The emphasis of this trial is on relaxation. There are no rapids and all of it is downstream, and as such, geared for the whole family.

Kayaking on the river is an exciting way to explore the scenic beauty and incredible birdlife of the West Coast, and the Berg River in particular is home to thousands of waterfowl every spring, whilst during the late winter months the veld is full of wild flowers.

Situated right next to the Marina, you have a great view of the hustle and bustle of the Marina. This is definitely a quaint eatery and worth stopping by.

Charlie’s Brewhouse opened its doors to the public in September 2018, so they are the new kid on the block in Velddrif. I paid them a visit a few weeks after they opened and was blown away by what’s on offer. These guys have gone all out to ensure you have a wonderful experience with plenty of craft beer, wine, gin and cocktails. Plus, not only is their food absolutely delicious, the presentation of the dishes will make you wonder if you are actually at a brewhouse or if you’ve been transported into a five star restaurant! 

This restaurant and brewhouse on the West Coast have gone all out to ensure you have a wonderful experience with plenty of craft beer, wine, gin and cocktails, along with food that is befitting of a five star restaurant.



The beach at Kersbosstrand is a beautiful escape for those in need of a long, lazy walk, fresh air, and the crisp breeze of the sea. The unspoilt stretches of white sand extend for some 40 kilometres, all the way to Elands Bay, and are lapped by the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The calm waters are excellent for swimming and boating, as well as for stand-up paddling on a SUP board and hydrofoiling. When the wind picks up, this beach is the spot of choice for kite-surfers too. Between July and December, these waters are visited by whales, which splash and blow for the entertainment of their spectators. Dolphins can be seen leaping out or surfing the waves all through the year.

So, whether you want to lie on the beach and get bronzed, walk hand-in-hand with your favourite person, go for a watersports adventure, or take some incredible holiday photos against unrivalled backdrops, Kersbosstrand Beach is a fantastic vacation destination.

The Berg River and the coast around St Helena Bay, so rich in fish, has attracted fishermen for generations.The fishing community soon turned fishing into a thriving industry, with many fishing trawlers coming in from the sea to dock in the Berg River at Laaiplek. Because Port Owen is near the mouth of the Berg River, Velddrif locals often launch their fishing boats here to go out to sea.

Fishing from one of the jetties right in front of The River House is usually extremely rewarding, because of the abundance of shad (also called elf) in the Berg River mouth. The river also yields streenbras about 5km inland from the bridge. You can always catch from the river’s edge – just ask the locals where to try out. There are quite a few places to launch too; take the boat up stream to the marshes, where you are sure to get something.

Surf angling is popular between Velddrif and Dwarskersbos where galjoen are often caught.

Fishing around Velddrif